Brand Manifesto


Launched in 2009 in New York City, ISAORA was founded on the belief that premium performance and progressive style need not be mutually exclusive.  Combining advanced material technology, state-of-the-art construction, and uncompromising attention to detail to create modern apparel that performs, protects and looks exceptional wherever your adventure takes you.   

Our products are manufactured using only the most advanced fabrics, innovative layering technologies, and leading-edge construction so that, city, mountain, water or woods we have you covered. 

We demand more from our clothes (and think you should too).  Here at ISAORA we are dedicated to pioneering a new path in modern performance apparel and redefining the line between function and style. 


The ISAORA user is forward thinking and values good design in all its forms. He’s an active, urban, digital traveler with a taste for adventure. He insists on quality and has an eye for detail. He’s an independent thinker who embraces technology and demands more from his clothes. 

He expects excellence and appreciates products that address the demands of a design conscious, active, urban user who’s fast paced modern lifestyle is defined by forward motion.  A place where modern urban living isn’t at odds with nature and adventure, but enhanced by them. 

We live in the city, our lives are busy and fast paced, we ride the subway, we ride our bikes, we travel, we run, we shred, we surf, we go out, we stay out too late, we get up early to do it all again, we go off the grid, we’re awed by nature and inspired by adventure, we love good design, we care about how we look and believe when we look good we feel good. We expect the clothes we wear to work for us - reflecting our busy, fast paced, active lifestyle. 


To define a new category of elemental products. Products that liberate you from the compromising confines of the status quo and urban noise so that you can thrive in your environment (wherever that may be). 


TECHNICAL              NOT                CLINICAL 

BETTER                    NOT                MORE 

FUNCTIONAL           NOT                UTILITARIAN 

TRANSITIONAL       NOT               STATIC 

UNDERSTATED       NOT                EXCESSIVE 

INNOVATIVE            NOT                DERIVATIVE 

ASPIRATIONAL       NOT                EXCLUSIVE 

PROGRESSIVE       NOT               STATUS QUO 

ACTIVE                    NOT                ATHLETIC 

PURPOSEFUL         NOT               WITHOUT REASON 


INNOVATION           UTILITY                 PERFECTION 

MOVEMENT             BALANCE             IMPERMEABLE 

FREEDOM                BEAUTY               TECHNIQUE 




APPLE . Perfection, Discipline, Simplicity, Patience, Consistency, Detail, Self-Assured 

Unmatched ability to precisely balance aesthetic and function. Their patience to let other people make mistakes before they jump in and perfect.  Their discipline in creating quality over quantity.  Their perpetual ability to turn ordinary commodities into extraordinary necessities. Their inexhaustible reliance on innovation rather than focus groups.   

COMME DES GARCONS . Unique, Provocative Built a small empire without ever putting commercial before creative. 

NIKE . Transformative, Emotional For their enduring ability to maintain their cool factor and design superiority, and somehow remain relevant to everybody on some level. 

RALPH LAUREN . Fantastical, Aspirational For the way they create crystal clear fantastical, aspirational lifestyles around each single one of their brands.  

MARTIN MARGIELA . Consistent, Defiance Authentic outsider that every insider loves. Not afraid to break the rules. Utterly consistent. 

BARCELONA FC . Values, Authenticity Philosophy and values before all else. Redefined how the game is played. 

RED BULL . Craziness, Pioneering, Daring For credibly building a brand around a sugary drink as the natural partner for extreme sports and high adrenaline activities. Culturally relevant marketing genius. 


Ten years from now, ISAORA will be the online destination for design-driven performance apparel and accessories.  With a disruptive distribution model and global infrastructure to provide best-in-class service and 2-day delivery to every major city across the globe, supported by a modern network of non-traditional digitally enhanced retail destinations. We will have an established women’s line with the same brand hallmarks.