ISAORA Road Trip

  • by Marc Daniels

ISAORA West Coast Road Trip

Day 1 | Seattle to Mount Baker

Yesterday we spent an amazing day riding Mt. Baker, while the insane weather conditions tested limits of latest ISA gear.

Day 2 | Seattle to Portland

Drove from Seattle to Portland. The first item on the agenda was a meet and greet with our homie Justin, the crew at his shop, Machus, and a rad group of Isaora supporters who came out to hang with us. Next up was lunch with our friends James and Karyn at Canteen. If you're in SE Portland, swing by that spot and see if any of the SS 13 pieces we hid there are still up for grabs. After refueling, we swung by Nike's Global HQ for a quick tour of the campus with two of the most talented designers we know - Nathan VanHook and Gemo Wong. Thanks for taking us around the space and letting us raid the Employee Store afterwards! We headed back to PDX to pick up camping supplies at REI and grab dinner with James and Karyn at Tasty & Alder downtown. Our last hangout was with John Jay at Wieden+Kennedy, who was busy putting the final details together in his new studio, The Garage. Ended the day by driving out to Beacon Rock State Park in the middle of the night to set up camp.

Day 3 | Portland to Tillamook

Headed out of Beacon Rock State Park after waking up by the Columbia River. We drove down the coast, hopping out of the Sprinter to catch some unreal beach views along the route.

While passing through Tillamook, which is reportedly famous for its cheese production, we visited the town's Air Museum. Housed in a former Navy hangar for blimps, the facility now shows off a collection of fighter planes from WWII to the Gulf War.

After picking up our last crew member Larry in a small town called North Bend, we set up camp at Rogue River National Forest, made a campfire and looked at it for a long time.

Day 4 | Roque River to San Francisco

Broke camp at Rogue River in the middle of an early morning rainstorm and began the long drive down to San Francisco.

Stopped in Redwood National Forest and hiked into the Tall Trees Grove. Really readjusts your perspective when all of the vegetation is the size of buildings in Manhattan.

The rest of the drive was largely spent inside the Sprinter, but we did come across The Lighthouse, which is incontestably one of the best lunch spots in Humboldt County, CA. Check them out if you're ever in the town of Trinidad (especially if dungeness crab is in season).

Day 5 | San Francisco to Half Moon Bay

You find yourself in San Francisco for a little under 48 hours. Wing everything else, but breakfast on your last day has to happen at either Tartine or The Mill. To cover all our bases, the Isa Squad split up and ransacked both spots before the day got going. The first stop of the day was our friend Thomas Meyerhoffer's home studio. Located 30 minutes south in Montara, Thomas' residence is a meticulous and thoughtful construction that reflects the industrial designer's sensibilities perfectly. While there, we got to check out pieces from the My ISAORA collection, a collaboration that we will be launching with Thomas in two weeks. After lunch in Half Moon Bay by the surf, we headed back to San Francisco to catch a front row view of Leo Villareal's Bay Bridge Lights installation.

Day 6 | San Francisco to Mammoth

Tension on the Isaora West Coast Tour! With reports of blizzards forcing road shutdowns around Mammoth Mountain, the team found itself split; should we attempt the drive from San Francisco or was it just too dangerous? After insisting to our driver that deviating from our plan was absolutely not an option, we hit the road and headed southwest towards Mammoth (via Tahoe). DANGER CLOSE!

Day 7 | Mammoth to Joshua Tree

Having to throw chains on a tour bus is the worst, but on the flip side it made for great photos and assured us that a mega powder day awaited us at Mammoth. We weren't disappointed. After the rained-out day we endured at Mt. Baker, getting first tracks straight off Chair 23 and hiking through the back at Mammoth was the best turnaround we could have asked for.

Day 8 | Joshua Tree to San Diego

After dusting the snow off our gear, we hopped on the bus and started the bizarre drive south to Joshua Tree. Many thanks to Mr. Clausen and our homie Omer for an unforgettable day on the mountain.

Left the Harmony Motel and drove out to Joshua Tree to get weird in the high desert for a day. Along the route, we stopped by Pioneertown, a functional town that was built as a film set back in the 1940s. The vibe was uncannily bizarre, but the chili cheese fries were awesome. Got to Joshua Tree and drove around the park. The views really let anyone get their Ansel Adams's impossible to shoot a bad photo out there. A few of us got stabbed by cholla cacti spines, but otherwise the team made it out unscathed. We're on the final leg of our West Coast Tour! San Diego, you're our last stop - see you in a few hours.

Day 9 | San Diego



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