Sean Penncils

If you can make it with your hands, chances are Sean Penncils probably does it. A graffiti artist that operates internationally by the moniker “Staino,” the Atlanta-born, NYC-based Penncils also counts himself as a painter, tattoo artist, and furniture designer. Because there are 24 usable hours in every day, people. Penncils just chooses to use every last one of them. A resident of the famed Bowery for the last five years, Penncils answers our questions about inspiration, getting around the city, and what keeps him going. His answers are brief because, man, he’s busy.

What’s your workday look like?

SP: I wake up and eat a healthy breakfast. Most days I have tattoo appointments and after that, I work on my paintings. 

What’s a typical Sunday for you?

SP: A lazy Sunday.

What’s the toughest part about being an artist in NYC?

SP: Running out of space.

Hardest part about NYC:

SP: The cops.

What makes living in New York worthwhile?

SP: The opportunities.

Who or what do you find the most inspiring here?

SP: The idea that anything is possible.

Favorite type of person to pass on a New York City sidewalk:

SP: Playing kids.

Worst person to walk behind on a sidewalk:

SP: I don’t walk behind people.

What gets you out of bed every morning?

SP: My work.

What keeps you going?

SP: Passion.

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