Yves Suter

  • by Marc Daniels

Why are you creative?

YS: I just have this inner feeling to do it. It gives me so much freedom, pleasure and opportunity. My job is my passion and usually when I go to bed I am already excited to get up again the next day and continue the work.

Why is a READY, GO lifestyle important to you?

YS: I like to just go for something and do it. Not necessary to think about it much. Just doing it because I love to do it!

Describe your day job.

YS: Well, every day is different. Taking pictures, designing books, organising
stuff, a lot of traveling, corresponding with people, being out getting stuff done. 

What are you currently working on?

YS: On different book projects. Basically trying to bring the big amount 
of daily pictures I took over the last couple of years into a form to show my
entire body of work better. Would be cool to make even exhibitions out of it. 


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