Rasmus & Mikkel

  • by Marc Daniels

Why are you creative?

MH: Working with music seems to suggest the best value proposition as far as what I am able to do, what I enjoy doing and what I think is relevant in connection with the world.

RB: It seems like I get grumpy when I’m not being creative - when I don’t make stuff. It’s simple really. I just have to sit down and make a track, a song or an 8 bar groove even, and I can feel really happy.

Why is a READY, GO lifestyle important to you?

MH: I am not big on plans in general - so I try to travel light and be prepared for all kinds of conditions.

Inspiration is…

MH: Precious

RB: coming out of my showerhead. It seems. There is definitely something to that moment in the morning shower that creates a space for inspiration and ideas to surface. I can get to that same space through a simple 20 min meditation in the studio sometimes.

Describe your day job/work

MH: I have about 10 different jobs that I try to merge into ‘musician’. Drummer, composer, producer, singer, bass player, band leader, technician, driver, sales man, budget manager, set designer, strategist, roadie, travel agent, accountant… I am pretty good at about 3 of the above - fortunately I can learn and get help from the people around me.

Describe your style (musical or otherwise)

MH: Minister of integration

What are you currently working on?

MH: New album with the terrific musicians of Hess Is More, music score for feature film, jazz trio record, experimental project on sounds, scents and images, improvised dance music + being a better person + organizing my storage room.

RB: Overlapping projects with Mikkel (and Jacob our third partner in creative collective This Is Care Of) right now are: The new Hess Is More album: Production, mixing, A&R, artwork, PR, etc. We are also doing an exhibit piece with sounds, scents and images together. That one is planned to travel to a few big cities. Finally we are developing identity, music and words for a mind boggling wind energy initiative. - On my own I am consulting for a remote high end studio project, making beats and writing songs for myself and for others.

3 rules for the art of living

MH: Ehhh… Break the rules, don’t break the rules, take it easy.

RB: I try to make stuff that is important to me - that pleases me. Rather than making stuff to please someone else. That could be a number one rule for me. Two and three would be about friends, family and health I think.


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