Justin Passmore

  • by Marc Daniels

Why are you creative?

For me, creativity isn’t something one can just be. It is an active journey through many different avenues of inspirations. It is not wholly my own doing. It is the ebb and flow of the different parts of the brain fighting for it’s own time.


Nah, I just do it for the chicks.

Why is a Ready, Go lifestyle important you?

It’s just me and the way I deal with being busy. If I stop I die. It’s like a sharks mentality. We create our reality and I simply try to mold mine to my desires and passions.

Describe your day job?

My day job is multitasking. Design, Fashion, Music, Relaxation. I stopped trying to find balance long ago and in more than a few ways I surrendered to the will of the universe. Things attract to me and I am attracted to them. I just keep busy and stay happy doing so. Every minute spent in idle nature isn’t neccessarily ill spent, it just could be better constructed. A Shakespeare quote comes to mind. “I like this place and could willingly waste my time in it.”


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