The B-9 NH Black Edition Stealth Bike

  • by Jenny Bahn

Clean, sharp, and totally lethal, the B-9 NH Black Edition single-speed bike from BME Designs takes a few pages out of military design (something we certainly understand the appeal of) for a set of wheels that looks primed for special ops--even if yours is really just getting to and from the office, heading to the bar, or picking up your take-out order. Incorporating the stealthy attributes of the classic F-117 Nighthawk aircraft, the B-9 NH was made with a light carbon fiber frame and fork, everything painted a radar-deflecting black. Streamlined as it might be, it’s certainly going to catch more than a few eyes. Good thing it comes equipped with an Atomic22 security system for added protection in the urban environment. Actually, scratch that. Better just bring this one inside. 

Photos courtesy of BME Design.



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