An ISAORA Guide to Surviving Summer

  • by Jenny Bahn

It’s about to get hot. Swelteringly hot. So hot the concrete sizzles at the horizon line like an unwelcome urban mirage. So hot you can use the sidewalk to cook eggs, griddle paninis, and conquer all varieties of (totally unsanitary) culinary feats. Yes, summer in the city can be pretty much unbearable--but not wholly unsurvivable. Here, we break down our tricks to beating the heat.

Maximize Breathability

If you’re smart, you’ll wear even smarter clothes. Stick to breathable fabrics that let the air move in and out with ease to maximize any breeze nature throws your way--even if it’s a 90-degree breeze. And when it comes to fabric, cotton is always a great idea. The Split T is 100 percent cotton, which means it's also 100 percent your best choice. 

Prepare for Rain

We don't know about your city, but summer in NYC is a sweltering concrete pit--but it’s also known for its sudden torrential downpours. On days when the chance of precipitation hovers at around 60-percent, your best best is a lightweight, packable windbreaker that you can whip out when a storm strikes.

Hit the Beach

When the weekend comes, find water. It doesn’t matter if it’s the ocean, a lake, even your neighbor’s grandma’s backyard pool. Whatever it is, it will do. Nothing takes the edge off of five days of punishing sunshine quite like putting in some hours next to a cold body of water. The ISAORA Swim Trunk will keep you dry in between, meaning you won’t be carrying the beach back with you on the way home.

A.M. Workouts

Early a.m. workouts in the summer are one of the only ways to go. With empty streets and a little bit of chill still hanging around the air, you’ll stay fit all season without any weather-induced heat trauma. Plus, getting the blood moving is great for regulating body temperature throughout the day. Sleeveless and sporting plenty of intelligently placed ventilation holes, this Micro-Knit No-Sew Tank might just be your new best friend.

Photo by @96wp via Instagram. Check out his interview here.


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