How to Sleep in 3D

  • by Jenny Bahn

Firm or forgiving--that’s not really the debate at this point. How about a mattress that doesn’t even exist? Introducing the Cultural Center of European Space Technology’s (KSEVT) Levitation Suit, which basically hangs you from the ceiling like a puppet on dozens of strings so that you might better float your way through slumber. Imagine a hammock--only you’re the hammock. That’s the deal.

Developed for the AA Visiting School Slovenia during a recent course, the Levitation Suit was the result of students’ creative brainstorming of the strategies of nanotourism, specifically in regards to an experience at the KSEVT. (For those who haven’t heard the recently coined term, nanotourism is described as “a creative critique to the current environmental, social and economic downsides of conventional tourism, as a participatory, locally oriented, bottom-up alternative.”)

Okay, so back to the Levitation Suit, which is essentially nanotourism of the most nano variety, to be enjoyed by you alone and when not really conscious. Talk about niche. Not intended for further mass use, the proposed suit was designed specifically and conceptually for a theoretical KSEVT Hotel, where the 3D experience of spacelike weightlessness is achieved by said suit. Now you can sleep like an astronaut while you dream about becoming one.

Photos via Designboom


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