An Interview with Photographer @n.ldn

Curvature plays a strong role in the architecture of modern London, where the slope of a ceiling and the bent arc of iron often replaces hard joints and right angles. It is a city that changed the definition of what an urban skyline could look like with the 2004 opening of its infamous and controversial “Gherkin Building" at 30 St. Mary Axe, with seemingly more in common with a fruit basket pineapple than any skyscraper seen before.

Shooting the uncommon shapes of the city is 19-year-old student/photographer @n.ldn, whose images capture--with the foggy gray palate London is known for--the empty hallways of the Tube below and the skywalks and cityscapes above. Here, we talk to the South London resident about fish and chips, overpriced transportation, and the one thing you absolutely need to know before coming to London.

What do you look for when you’re shooting?

Ah, well, there are a couple of things I look for straight away: Symmetry, which has become a bit of an obsession recently, and interesting light--natural or artificial. The rest is just luck.

Describe London in three words:

Proud, expensive, and diverse.

What’s the biggest stereotype about London that’s not true?

Probably that it rains all the time.

What’s the biggest stereotype about London that IS true?

We just love queuing whenever possible!

Best/worst thing about London transportation:

The underground system (called "The Tube" here), for me at least, is second to none. Honestly. It’s efficient, comprehensive, and even relatively clean. But the downside is it’s massively expensive, as are the trains, taxis, and buses here.

Favorite part of the city and why?

Canary Wharf--one of the financial sectors. There is an abundance of extremely photogenic buildings, bridges, etc. For some reason it often gets overlooked, but, really, if visiting London, go there.

Best food you can only get in London and nowhere else:

For London there really is anything you could dream up. But, on the whole, it must be fish and chips. I wish it could be something more sophisticated, but…

If you had to tell someone visiting to visit three places what would they be?

For photographers, More London has really futuristic architecture. Plus it’s near the Shard which hosts really amazing views of the city. For foodies, visit Soho; it’s basically several streets of pure food. And for something different, definitely visit Camden Market.

One thing you need to know before coming to London:

Avoid eye contact on the Tube at all costs.

Photos courtesy of @n.ldn via Instagram.

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