A Photographer's View of Detroit

  • by Jenny Bahn

Detroit has been the subject of fascination since it spiraled into financial ruin, filing for bankruptcy in 2013. The attention is of the can't-look-away trainwreck variety, and has come, much to the chagrin of locals, to fuel a type of photography known as “ruin porn.” Buildings crumble into jagged heaps of their former selves, stores sit abandoned, graffiti artists claim most of the city as an empty canvas for their aerosol cans. It’s a show of failure and collapse, and seems to demonstrate just how easily and quickly both seem to have come.

Documenting one of America’s most dangerous, poorest, and struggling cities is photographer JDX. From Tokyo to New York City, JDX has an eye for the urban, capturing the life that happens on sidewalks, between buildings. A city is found in its art and in its people, each place built on its own unique foundation. According to these images and the countless others that have captured the city in its most desperate years, Detroit’s, unfortunately, appears to be shifting under a cataclysmic weight.

The question is whether or not they will be able to rebuild.

Photos courtesy of JDX.


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