Inside Vincent Laforet’s Las Vegas Circuit Board

  • by Jenny Bahn

For those of you out there who aren’t that keen on windowless, smoke-filled boxes filled with the dizzying clang of quarter slot machines as hardworking Americans throw away their paychecks on pipe dreams, this perspective might be one you’re more gamely interested in. In a recent series of images, director and photographer Vincent Laforet--who has shot for editorial heavy hitters like The New York Times, Sports Illustrated, and National Geographic--turns the Nevada’s desert’s famed sin city into a brightly benign landscape of twinkling lights. Shot from an altitude of 8,799 feet, each photograph steps further and further away from the micro hubbub of the Strip, focusing on the grid-like frame of lights in the city’s insane sprawl. Less sin, more circuit board.

Photos courtesy of Vincent Laforet.



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