Kacper Kowalski’s Aerial Photography

Aerial photography is having something of a popularity surge of late, often focussing on certain man-made effects of industry on the environment, often captured in an arrestingly attractive way. There’s something about getting high above the fray to change your perspective, literally, be it via Colin Finaly’s melting Icelandic glaciers to J Henry Fair’s vibrant portraits of chemicals at work from afar.

Polish photographer Kacper Kowalski takes the trend one stop further, documenting less the afterman of man’s impact on land, but while it’s all in the act, from aviation to industry. His images attract in their lack of symmetry, and in the happenstance chaos of how we engage with our landscapes--and he does it all while paragliding. From his bird’s eye vantage point, Kowalski gets a graphic glimpse at rows of trains, the patterns of parked cars, and the akimbo architecture of construction cranes, impactful in size and scale when taken in all at once.

We’ve picked out some of our favorites below. Keep your eyes peeled. When the lighting’s right, you can see Kowalski’s paragliding shadow make a cameo.

Photos courtesy of Kacper Kowalski.



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