9 Questions with @96wp

  • by Jenny Bahn

With all the rising rents, fro-yo spots replacing landmark burrito joints, and Brooklyn’s rapidly changing skyline, there’s a lot of talk about NYC turning into one big outdoor shopping mall. (Taking the 7 train into Manhattan the other day and watching machines tear into what used to be 5 Pointz was enough to make a person book a one-way ticket to anywhere else.) In truth, the place has lost a lot of the grit and grime that once made it New York City… but not all of it. In proof of that, photographer @96wp is out there, taking shots of a darker, moodier Gotham, where the narrative focuses less on Starbucks and more on shuttered street corners. Born and raised in Union, New Jersey, the 18-year-old makes the trek to and from his town whenever he can to shoot the city at its darkest, finest hours. Here, we ask him 9 quick questions.

Describe your neighborhood in 3 words:

Peaceful, inconvenient, and small.

You have $15 to spend at a bodega. You buy:

I would buy two grape Gatorades.

What’s the worst type of day to shoot in New York?

I think worst type of day to shoot in New York would be when it's sunny--when the skies are blue and there are no clouds.

How different is shooting in NYC during the day versus shooting it at night?

Shooting in the day you see everything. I'm starting to shoot more in the day. I love shooting at night. It's pretty dope. You see less things at night, so you gotta be cautious about what's going on. 

Worst thing about NYC:

Worst thing about NYC is the traffic.

Best thing about NYC:

Best thing about NYC is that opportunities are endless if you put in the work.

What’s your trick to making it through winter?

I love the winter; it's my favorite season.

First thing you do when the weather warms up:

First thought that comes into my head... I guess I'll come to the city before sunset--that's when it'll be more comfortable in the city. I hate the hot days in New York. Ask my boy Ben Grava, we despised it.

When you gonna move here?!

I plan on moving here real soon.

Photos via @96wp via Instagram.


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