Industrial Buildings and Canadian Cloudscapes: An Interview with Nate Trampleasure

  • by Jenny Bahn

Just 16 years old, Canadian photographer Nate Trampleasure (otherwise known as @8thgod on Instagram, if you're keen) already understands the moodiness a city can inspire. From the Orwellian lurch of bridges overhead to the eerie emptiness of the off-peak underground, Trampleasure's images aren't necessarily the ones you'll find on the back of a AAA brochure, and we're all the better for it. Here, we talk to Trampleasure about the teenage pleasures of his hometown outside of Vancouver. Note: Gatorade and Charleston Chews are imperative. 

Where's home?

I live in a town called Pitt Meadows just outside of Vancouver.

What's the best part about your neighborhood?

It's kinda loud but it has good vibes around it.

The worst?

The little kids always screaming outside.

What's the biggest benefit to living outside of Vancouver?

You're surrounded by mountains that are only a 45-minute drive to get to from the city.

Biggest stereotype about your city that's not true:

There's not much to see/do.

Biggest stereotype about your city that IS true:

We like to riot because we're sore losers.

You have $15 to spend at your local bodega. You buy:

Lemon-lime Gatorade and a Charleston Chew candy bar, then keep the change for something later.

Food you can only get in your city:

Taser Grilled Cheese.

Your city in three words:

Underrated, refreshing, beautiful.

Best spot to shoot in Vancouver:


Sidewalks or seaside. Pick one:

Sidewalks, for sure.


Photos courtesy of @8thgod via Instagram.



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