Talking Sneakers and Streetwear with @bludshot

  • by Jenny Bahn

Just 29 years old, UK-born, Hong Kong-based photographer @bludshot has already found himself fully immersed in the menswear game, traveling the world and shooting for culture/fashion arbiters like High Snobiety and TEAM COZY. It’s been a fast climb in a short spurt, one that followed an eight-year break from photography that ended two years ago when he was recruited by HYPEBEAST. Since then, @bludshot has been holding it down in Asia when he isn’t traveling the world, capturing everything from the city skylines to sneakers with his signature urban energy. ISAORA got to grilling the man about how TEAM COZY came about, his $15 bodega buys, and whether New York City or Hong Kong would win in a match.  

First paid gig:

I really can't remember. I think it was some album cover for a Hong Kong singing person called Phil. They call it Cantopop over here.

What’s TEAM COZY all about?

Started by me and Ta-ku. We were just messing about with hashtags, and somehow it became a thing. We created language for people who wear sweatpants and sneakers, which is, like, everybody. Basically now anything comfortable and snug is #teamcozy. We have big plans for TC, so stay tuned.

Favorite pair of sneakers (currently or retired):

Right now, I'm in a phase of wearing one pair to death before I go to the next one. These past few weeks, I've been wearing the Fragment Design x Nike Tennis Classic.

Running away from wolves, you'd wear…

Nike Air Max TNs. These shoes helped guide me through my childhood in North London. I have ran away from pigs and dogs of every physique in TNs, so they should perform well against wolves.

Running away from an ex, you’d wear…

Crocs (not sure if they are sneakers?), because they are ugly, and I can throw them at her. 

If you're going to a black and white dinner party but don't feel like wearing dress shoes, you'd wear…

All black Common Projects Achilles.

You have $15 to spend in a bodega. You buy…

Malboros and a hot coffee.

Preferred mode of NYC transport:

Subway during the day, taxis late at night.

Favorite album of 2014:

Killer Mike & El-P’s Run The Jewels 2 or Freddie Gibbs & Madlib’s Piñata.

What's the significance of streetwear to you as someone who lives in a big city?

I'm in a city where streetwear is weird. People here wear head-to-toe Givenchy and HBA, or you'll get old people rocking Obey tees and Jordans. I just wear my old/free stuff, and shoot the new stuff.

Where was your favorite place to travel in 2014 and why?

Vancouver. Place is mad cozy.

If Hong Kong and New York were in a fight, who would win and why?

Jackie Chan does shampoo adverts nowadays, so New York. I don't know if you are aware, but Hong Kong has been in protest mode for the past four months, but it has been ultra peaceful. If it was in New York, I can't imagine how much more extreme it would be.

Photos courtesy of @bludshot via Instagram.


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