Man vs. Nature

  • by Jenny Bahn

Italian photographer Louisa Lambri has a knack for bringing together the manmade and the organic. It’s a combination of the unwieldy natural landscapes of the outside world and the angular predictability of the buildings in which we choose to live. Through her direct, totally frill-free interior photography, Lambri explores our relationship with external elements and our attempt to control when and where those elements enter our lives.

The work deals heavily in light play—a transgression of artificial barriers and their subsequent futility. Shards of light creep through open windows, bounce off metallic surfaces, bleed through closed curtains. It’s this constant interplay between what we build with what nature affords in abundance. The same goes for plants in Louisa’s work, which appear behind the slats of cheap vertical blinds, tumble over walls, appear are seen beyond the grid of a modernist panel of windows.

It’s a dialogue about how one can never fully recreate the other, only participate in the adjacent world in a symbiotic juxtaposition of forms. One can never avoid the other.

It’s not really us versus them; it’s us and them.

Photos courtesy of the artist and Luhring Augustine.


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