Volcano Boarding: Your Summer Snowboarding Replacement

  • by Jenny Bahn

For those who just can’t stand the idea of being left without a plank-to-earth connection during the warmer summer months, we’ve got a sport for you. Introducing… volcano boarding.

Okay, so this is technically less like snowboarding and more like that time you went out in the backyard with your dad and rode shovels down a hill in the snow. And technically the gear is a little less swank (grab a pair of chemist goggles and a mechanic’s onesie and call it a day). And you’re technically trading that crisp, clean mountain air for some prehistoric gravel fumes, but… desperate times, man… desperate measures.

From a practical standpoint, this isn’t likely to become your new favorite weekend activity. The best place to do this is at the Cerro Negro volcano (did we mention it was active?) in Nicaragua, a 2400-foot heap of sooty, volcanic pebbles. You have to climb in order to ride down, so if you thought running on the beach was taxing—or if you’re one of those heli-ski types—this ain’t your bag.

If you are, however, an adrenaline junkie with $30 in your pocket and a need for speed, this is probably right up your alley. 

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