Feel. Now. Discover. Share.

  • by Jenny Bahn

Disruptive: That’s Thomas Meyerhoffer’s work in a word. The influential and prolific designer has been changing the status quo for the last twenty some-odd years, during which time he has worked with everyone from Apple and Coca Cola, reinventing old brands and helping catapult the new. His wide range of interests shows a dedication to aesthetic in all fields and an uncanny ability to innovate. If you’ve shopped for anything over the last ten years—whether in the fashion world, the tech space, or surf realm—you’ve seen or interacted with something designed by Thomas Meyerhoffer… a pretty remarkable accomplishment. With a shared interest in design, ISAORA approached Meyerhoffer to collaborate on our second edition of SURFORWRD, a surf collection built specifically for the life that happens in between the minute you leave your house and the moment you get in the water. We sat down with the man to discuss inspiration, motivation, and the goal of SURFORWRD.

Where are you, right this minute?
On the beach just outside of San Francisco.

Where’d you come from?
Sweden. California since 25 years.

What inspires you on the daily?
Life in general and the inquisitive souls that populate it. New experiences and things you never thought of. I need to be close to water.

How’d you meet the ISAORA guys?
Such a long time ago now I can't remember. We immediately shared the same quest for some sort of minimal understanding of maximum performance applied to daily life.

Your life in four words:
Feel. Now. Discover. Share.

Your idea of the perfect weekend:
To not know exactly what is going to happen. Hanging out with friends and family. Experiencing something new.

What do you think about when you go to design a product?
The questions are many, the problems complicated, the solution is simple.

What do you want people to get out of the SURFORWRD collection?
To be able to move seamlessly in between unguided freedom and the structure of society. Everyday and everywhere.


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